Bi-metal screws

Hammer Test- Bend up to 90° without breaking at the weld line.

What is it?

The combination of the stainless and carbon steel.

Stainless on the top and carbon on the bottom.

  • Head and partial threads are made of stainless steel (A2/A4).
  • Drill point and partial threads (usually the bottom three threads or more) are made of carbon steel.

Why Bi-Metal?

Excellent corrosion resistance

  • Provides a more durable and safer condition
  • Avoids high maintenance frequency and cost

No pre-drill needed

Easy for application


Door / Window / Roofing

Farming construction


Public construction (i.e. Airports, Subway Stations, Highway, Dam, Bridge, Arena)


  • Automatic welding production
  • Less human errors
  • Higher efficiency and productivity
  • Advanced Hardening Process
  • Prevents the stainless part from being hardened